Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester

Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester
Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester
Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester image 2
Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester image 3
Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester image 4
Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester image 5
Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester image 6
Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester image 7
Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester image 8
Claas LEXION 6700 4X4 grain harvester image 9
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Brand:  Claas
Model:  LEXION 6700 4X4
Type:  grain harvester
Year of manufacture:  2020
First registration:  2020
Running hours:  1714 m/h
Location:  Slovenia
Placed on:  May 24, 2024
Agronetto ID:  WT33702
Grain tank volume:  11 m³
Rotor running hours:  950 m/h
Speed:  25 km/h
Brand:  Mercedes Benz OM470 LA
Power:  408 HP (300 kW)
Condition:  used

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C84/125 LEXION 6700
MD_B06_0068 Front attachment drive XL, two-speed
MD_B08_0040 Cutterbar ram with 2-way system, M
MD_B10_0160 V-feeder housing - AUTO CONTOUR, chain, guide roller open
MD_B11_0010 Trailer hitch, automatic
MD_B12_0020 Dust extraction for feeder housing/V fh/HP fh
MD_B13_0022 CRUISE PILOT, prepared
MD_B13_0110 Without straw moisture sensor
MD_B16_0000 Without cutterbar brake
MD_C02_0110 APS threshing system - grain (10/7/18)
MD_C03_0180 Rework kit - grain to maize, threshing drum closed
MD_C04_0090 Threshing drum drive, 2-stage - 170-460 / 330-930 rpm, manual
MD_C08_0010 Concave bar
MD_D03_0030 Centre risers for straw walker, fitted
MD_E04_0041 JET STREAM cleaning, incl. 3D
MD_E10_0020 Without returns volume measurement - visual only
MD_E14_0010 Upper and lower sieve, standard
MD_F02_0313 Grain tank 11,000 litres
MD_F06_0200 Grain tank unloading tube L, Ø 330 mm
MD_F08_0080 Grain tank unloading 130 l/s
MD_F10_0012 Drive, grain tank unloading 80 l/s - 130 l/s
MD_G02_0230 Standard spreader - STANDARD CUT
MD_G03_0150 Swath former - standard spreader
MD_G08_0010 Straw chopper drive for standard spreader - Premium
MD_N02_0450 Drive axle L - 10-hole
MD_N04_0552 Drive axle tyres 710/75 R34 178 A8, 10-hole, Michelin
MD_N05_0040 Axle protection
MD_N06_0100 Ladder with impact protection
MD_N08_0920 POWER TRAC steering drive axle M, adjustable
MD_N10_0440 Steering axle tyres 500/85 R24 x 275 IMP, 8-hole
MD_N12_0027 Ground speed 25 km/h, France
MD_P02_0911 Mercedes-Benz OM470 LA - 300 kW/408 hp (Stage V), air compressor
MD_P03_0090 Fuel consumption measurement
MD_P14_0095 Fuel tank 950 litres
MD_P18_0150 Engine PTO pump
MD_Q02_0070 A/C-MATIC - automatic climate control with heating
MD_Q03_0014 Radio with MP3 function
MD_Q03_0130 Roller blinds for side windows
MD_Q06_0162 CEBIS terminal with leather armrest
MD_Q07_0356 Camera system, prepared
MD_Q07_0360 Camera - rear, display on terminal
MD_Q07_0390 Camera - grain tank unloading tube, PROFI CAM display
MD_Q07_0392 Camera screen - PROFI CAM
MD_Q08_0011 QUANTIMETER yield measurement
MD_Q09_0080 Printer
MD_Q10_0030 Comfort seat, air-suspended
MD_Q12_0050 Work lighting LED - Plus
MD_Q13_0210 Software for LASER PILOT left
MD_Q13_0215 Steering software for FIELD SCANNER
MD_Q14_0030 Storage box L, incl. instructor's seat
MD_Q16_0020 CMOTION multifunction control lever

MD_Q17_0011 Automodule 1
MD_Q17_0016 Add-on module 1
MD_Q17_0017 Add-on module 2
MD_Q17_0030 Inclination sensor
MD_Q17_0149 CLAAS Communication module (LTE)
MD_Q17_0180 FIELD SCANNER front area sensor
MD_Q18_0010 Locking system, standard
MD_Q20_0062 Tail lights, LED, pull-out type
MD_Q24_0000 Without windscreen washer system for side windows
MD_Q28_0010 CAN Ethernet Gateway (CEG)
MD_R02_0000 Without central lubrication system
MD_R03_0012 Spreader plate adj., manual - std. spreader
MD_R03_0256 Steering valve, prop. XL, for GPS PILOT, LASER PILOT, AUTO PILOT
MD_R03_0265 AUTO PILOT module
MD_R04_0010 Rear view mirrors, electrically adjustable
MD_R05_0010 Chain lubrication for grain tank unloading, automatic
MD_R05_0090 Hose reel with compressed air hose and blow gun
MD_R05_0110 Hand-washing receptacle
MD_S02_0010 Statutory equipment for right-hand side traffic
MD_S03_0013 Rotating beacons, 3 units
MD_S03_0145 Registration plate lighting
MD_S03_0150 Warning signs
MD_S03_0170 Close-proximity mirror
MD_S04_0040 Tool kit – Basic
MD_S06_0010 Technical documents
MD_S07_0100 Fire extinguisher 6kg F
MD_T02_0140 Shipping method truck
MD_T04_0010 Hydraulic oil, standard
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